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Other Services Provided

I realize that psychotherapy can be a personal and unique experience for every individual.  I also understand that the types of issues and challenges you may be experiencing may not be able to be summarized in a simple fashion and can be specific to you.  So here is just a high level overview of some of the other areas that I can provide services for:

Bipolar Disorders – Is your Mood sometimes Extremely Elevated, in a way that Interferes with your daily life?  Do you feel like you experience a Mood Pattern of Highs and Lows that are difficult to manage?  

Self-Esteem:  Do you have a general View of Yourself that Lacks Confidence or Feels Inadequate?

Relationship Issues:  Are you having Difficulty when Interacting with Others or Maintaining Friendships and Relationships?  Do you feel that your Social Skills Impact your ability to Relate to Others?

Life Transitions:  Have you experienced any Changes in your Relationships, Family Roles, Job or Retirement?

Communication Skills:  Do you have Challenges in Communicating with Others, not Feeling like you are Being Heard, or Feeling Shy?

Gender Identity:  Are you Confused or have Mixed Feelings about how you feel inside with regard to your Gender?  Do you know how you feel, however you are still struggling with it?

Codependency:  Do you rely Primarily on Others (Instead of Yourself) to Feel Good? 

Coping Skills:  Do you think it could be helpful to Learn Specific Skills on how to more Effectively Manage the impact issues and challenges may be having on you?

Emotional Expression:  Would you like to Build an Awareness and Understanding of your Emotions and how you may be Expressing them?  Are you Expressing them the Way you Want to?