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Grow in ways that can

lead to a more balanced life

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I am interested in helping people to work towards feeling better and stabilizing their mood.  Together we can strive to develop an understanding of why you may feel depressed, along with gaining the techniques to increase your ability to manage your mood.

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Experiencing changes in emotions throughout your daily life is common.  Naturally, sometimes you may feel better than other times.  Some people, however, seem to be stuck in their negative emotions, and feel depressed.

Do you continue to feel sad, have low energy levels, or no interest in doing things, and this just seems to be an everyday part of who you are?


Are you experiencing situational depression from your environment, relationships, or recent changes in your life?

Weather you are experiencing Major Depression, Persistent Depression, Depression Due to a Life’s Stressor, or Other Forms of Depression, we can begin to take the steps towards change.