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Grow in ways that can

lead to a more balanced life

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I am here to work with you towards reducing your anxiety levels, as well as learning the skills to more effectively manage your stress and anxiety. 

We all go through life having some amount of anxiety.  For some people, their level of anxiety can feel overwhelming.  When that happens, they may get irritable and frustrated or shut down emotionally.  Do you think about your anxiety or do you let it all bottle up inside, trying to ignore it? 

You may be experiencing anxiety from one or more life stressors such as work, family, major changes in your life, or relationships.


Maybe none of these stressors are affecting you, yet you somehow always feel on edge, where being stressed and anxious just feels like an everyday part of who you are.

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If you are experiencing Social Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Phobias, or Other Areas of Anxiety, let’s get started on working together towards a more balanced life for you.