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Grow in ways that can

lead to a more balanced life


Do you feel your thoughts, emotions, or moods are affecting you in a way that makes life more challenging? 

My areas of focus are working with elevated anxiety and depressive disorders in adults and adolescents.

Depression:  Are you feeling Sad, Lethargic, Uninterested in things, or Lonely?

Anxiety:  Are you feeling Stressed, Overwhelmed, On-Edge, or Having a hard time relaxing? 

I want to create a safe and comfortable space for us to explore and work through these or other challenges you may be facing.  I believe the therapy process is collaborative and it is my intention to partner with you to work towards achieving your goals.

I am very interested and curious about how people are feeling, what they are thinking, and their interactions with others.  I understand that everyone has their own personal and unique perspective about life, which I believe is important and deserves to be respected.

Some other areas of therapy I work with are self–esteem, attachment, relationships, interpersonal communication, life transitions, and gender identity.  Some of the treatment approaches I use are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Attachment Theory.